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Speaking at Moishe House about Shabbat

Speaking at OC MoHo - June 2015Asked to discuss Shabbat prohibitions at the Orange County Moishe House, I did so last week. In my capacity as the rabbi of Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment, I led a discussion with participants on what Jews are not supposed to do on Shabbat. In the discussion, I used various key texts from the Bible, as well as some from rabbinic literature. Of course, this gave way to further discussion about more contemporary issues and I look forward to discussing these matters further with them.

Sukkot with Beach Hillel

With students in front of Beach Hillel’s on-campus sukkah at CSULB, having finished putting it up

As in years past, I spent many activities with Long Beach Hillel for the holiday of Sukkot, enriching its programs and its students.  Beginning with leading a Beach Hillel staff learning session on Sukkot, it continued with putting up both the off-campus and the on-campus sukkot (and picking up the four aboreal elements).  It continued with MC’ing Beach Hillel’s Shabbat dinner in Beach Hillel’s off-campus sukkah.

Lulav & esrog in Sukkah for staff meeting, in which I explained about the waving of these tree elements
Lulav & esrog in Sukkah for staff meeting, in which I explained about the waving of these tree elements

I then stopped by the on-campus Beach Hillel sukkah on Monday of Sukkot for Beach Hillel’s “Pizza in the Hut” event.  The following day, we had our staff meeting inside the on-campus Sukkah, where I spoke about the four aboreal elements that were featured there.

instagram pic of Sukkah Hop
Students enjoying dinner at the Sukkah Hop

That night, I joined in on the annual Sukkah Hop in Irvine that Beach Hillel has partnered with the Chabad of UCI, which – as always – was a blast, where we visited multiple sukkot and students from CSULB, UCI and other schools got to enjoy meeting other Jewish students in the area.

The following day, along with students, we took down the Beach Hillel on-campus sukkah and, just last week, took down the off-campus sukkah.