Discussion for Beach Hillel on Sex in Judaism
Leading a Torah on Tap discussion at CSULB last week for Beach Hillel
Leading a Torah on Tap discussion at CSULB last week for Beach Hillel

Last week, I led a Torah on Tap discussion with California State University, Long Beach students for Beach Hillel.  As it was not only going to be Valentine’s Day, so a lot of people were hearing about relationships and sex, as well as the day before the theatrical release of Fifty Shades of Grey, so people were curious to hear about sex.

For the first half of the discussion, we utilized sources from the Talmud on consensuality and sex.  For the second half of the conversation, the students got to have an open Q&A (similar to last spring) about sex and Judaism.

This was the first of three Torah on Tap learning events of the semester with Beach Hillel this spring.

Discussion of Sexual Positions in Judaism

Discussion on Sex Positions in Talmud - November 2014 - CopyLast night, I led a discussion for young adults on sexual positions in Judaism, which was a lively conversation.  As part of my work enriching the lives of young adults, sex comes up not infrequently.  So, in a Long Beach version of a discussion I led over a year-and-a-half ago in Orange County, I invited young adults to share some beer and discuss this topic at an apartment of a couple of young adults (who had just moved in), utilizing Talmudic sources in this conversation.  It was a great atmosphere to have the conversation and I am glad we were able to have it!