Sukkot Activities with Beach Hillel
With students at CSULB upon putting up the sukkah
With students at CSULB upon putting up the sukkah

Last month, in addition to leading a discussion for young adults in Orange County, I was involved in several of Beach Hillel‘s activities for Sukkot.

For starters, I worked with students and staff to put up the on-campus sukkah at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), as well as to take it down.  Although we made this sukkah available for use by students, faculty, and staff on-campus, we also used it for a “Pizza in the Hut” lunchtime get-together during the holiday.  We also had a staff meeting in the sukkah, as well.

Pizza in the Hut at CSULB
Pizza in the Hut at CSULB

I also helped put up the off-campus sukkah, as well as taking it down,  where we held Shabbat dinner during the holiday, which had a nice feeling to it, being outside in the nice weather.

Finally, we had the annual Sukkah Hop, which, for the third year in a row, was held in Irvine.  Beach Hillel partnered again with Chabad at University of California, Irvine (UCI) for a great time with students from UCI, CSULB, and other schools, to visit multiple sukkot, ending up in a dinner at a big sukkah with music and dancing.

Discussing Sukkot at the New Moishe House of Orange County
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(Picture courtesy of Sarah Van Zanten)

Last week, I visited the new Moishe House of Orange County and spoke about the holiday of Sukkot with young adults.  Having spoken at the previous Moishe House of Orange County several times last year and several times the year before, it was my first time at the new location of the Moishe House, which, like the previous location, is also in Costa Mesa.

(Picture courtesy of Sarah Van Zanten)

On Tuesday, I spoke largely about the mitzvah is doing various activities within a sukkah during the holiday, what constitutes a sukkah, why we do it, and more.  I also spoke about the four arboreal species that we take, as well.

It was a great time and I look forward to returning to enrich the Jewish lives of young adults in Orange County at the Moishe House!



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Sukkot with Beach Hillel

As in years past, I spent many activities with Long Beach Hillel for the holiday of Sukkot, enriching its programs and its students.  Beginning with leading a Beach Hillel staff learning session on Sukkot, it continued with putting up both the off-campus and the on-campus sukkot (and picking up the four aboreal elements).  It continued […]