Back from “Birthright”: Follow-Up from our Taglit-Birthright Israel Trip Begins

June 9, 2014 - Activities
Our Taglit-Birthright Israel group
Our Taglit-Birthright Israel group

A week and a half ago, I returned from Israel, having – for my first time – led a Taglit Birthright Israel trip.  It was quite a trip and there is much to say about it!  Look for future posts about the trip on this blog 🙂

One thing that struck me was hearing many participants say how more excited they were for exploring their Jewish identity than they had before.  I was very glad to hear that.  However, one thing I learned – having gone on the trip – was that the trip is really a spark for exploring one’s Jewish identity in contradistinction to being the place where one fully explores it.

Thus, the task ahead of us (my wife and I were the trip leaders) is to leverage the participants’ experience and to help guide them on their continued Jewish journeys now that we’re back.  Although we had a small get-together with some of the participants in the days following our return, we hope to have other get-togethers, as well as other follow-up meetings.  There is much work to be done!

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