Last week, I held a vodka-tasting event, which paired up with discussing Jewish angles on vampires.  It was interesting.  Having never taken part let alone running a vodka-tasting, it was a new experience for me.  Having heard a suggestion for this year’s October tasting and discussion to do “Vodkas andContinue Reading

As in years past, I spent many activities with Long Beach Hillel for the holiday of Sukkot, enriching its programs and its students.  Beginning with leading a Beach Hillel staff learning session on Sukkot, it continued with putting up both the off-campus and the on-campus sukkot (and picking up theContinue Reading

Yesterday, I began being available on-campus at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) for office hours.  I will be there Tuesdays (September 12th UPDATE:) Wednesdays for the fall semester from 1:30-3:30 in the University Interfaith Center (Brotman Hall, room 178).  It has been a few years since I last heldContinue Reading