No More Newsletters, Per Se: Concerning Communications

Front page of the October 2012 issue of the SoCalJSS Newsletter

Since January 2010, I have been putting out newsletters for my job (with Southern California Jewish Student Services and also Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment), however, I have recently realized that I should discontinue doing so.  While attending the 2013 Hillel Institute, I realized that not that many people spend the time to read a double-sided 8.5×11 .pdfs I produce (even if some people read the printed copies, it’s still not enough).  It just does not seem to make sense to me to continue spending as much time as I do on dealing with the layout of the newsletters, since it’s just a hassle that does not yield enough readership attention.  While it did make sense when I was getting issues sponsored, it was worthwhile as a revenue-generator, it’s been a couple of years since I have consistently had it sponsored.

Although I will continue putting out monthly e-mails to communicate my activities, in lieu of linking to the online pdfs of the newsletters, I will be [doing what everyone else does:] linking to articles of content about the events, activities, etc.

In a related matter, I realized yesterday that although the newsletters were up on the SoCalJSS website for anyone to read to discover and get a sense of my activities with SoCalJSS (I started putting pages together for SoCalJYAE), there wasn’t an easy way to quickly discover with which activities SoCalJSS has been involved.  So, I put together some pages to detail SoCalJSS’ activities with other organizations.  While I need to further work on developing the content therein, at least they’re there 🙂

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