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The national Hillel staff Conference was held in St. Louis the last four years

Ever since Rachel and I came out to begin working with Long Beach Hillel, we have enjoyed attending the annual national Hillel staff conference in St. Louis at Washington University.  Entitled “Hillel Institute” and organized by Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, the conference, which took place at the gorgeous Washington University campus, lasted a few days long, with some sessions either taking place prior to the beginning of the conference proper, or following it for new professionals, new directors, and others.

Attending my first Hillel Institute in 2010, holding cookies with the conference's logo
Attending my first Hillel Institute in 2010, holding cookies with the conference’s logo

We have looked forward every summer to gathering with our colleagues across the country (no matter how hot it can get in St. Louis in late July or early August) (and, yes, I love getting together with my fellow YCT’ers), with the West Coast Hillel Staff Conference (WHO) taking place every December and re-connecting with our west coast Hillel colleagues.  One of the elements I have enjoyed about it is that it is centrally located in the country, meaning that both coasts have to meet in the middle and those in the middle of the country can more easily make it (granted, I am a midwesterner, so I am a bit biased).

Hillel Institute Changing for 2014 Announcement
Hillel’s announcing changing of timing and location of Hillel Institute for 2014

However, last week, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life announced that they were switching the conference cycle.  They are now moving the national Hillel staff conference to December to the east coast. Although many of my colleagues might be excited about this change, I have enjoyed meeting up in the warmth of the summer and beauty of St. Louis coupled with the beginning of the school year with its energy, the potential, and the anticipation for the oncoming school year.  Of course, there’s also the opportunity for new Hillel professionals to meet each other; however, they will still keep some programs there, such as a new professionals, etc., although it won’t be the same….

I think this change will take me some more time to process….  In the meantime, I will be attending the annual West Coast Hillel Staff Conference next week (of which, I am one of the co-chairs) and am looking forward to connecting with my west coast Hillel colleagues then/there 🙂

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