Speaking at Moishe House of Orange County Last Night

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Speaking last night at the “Rabbi Battle” at the Moishe House of Orange County

Last night, I took part in a “Rabbi Battle” at Moishe House of Orange County.  In truth, it was less of a “battle” than a panel, of sorts (perhaps, a mini-panel, you might say), with the residents hurling a variety of questions at us that they had previously gathered from others, as well as their own.  Questions hit upon topics such as the afterlife, tattoos, intermarriage, and abortion.DSCN6910 - Copy

Having previously engaged in such a “Rabbi Battle”,  this was a familiar format.  While the nomenclature might suggest a fight, in reality, the rabbis involved are really simply representing their denominational outlooks on the matters and there really isn’t much of a competition these days (thus, the term, post-denominational nowadays).

I hope those attended got something out of it and, as this was my first event at Moishe House, OC, this year (I spoke there several times last year), I look forward to returning 🙂

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