Re-Branding SoCal Jewish Young Adult Enrichment

A year-and-a-half ago when I was creating a new brand for reaching out to young Jews in their 20s-30s in the greater Orange County and Long Beach area, I realized that my focus was getting something out quickly. I needed an additional brand to Southern California Jewish Student Services (SoCalJSS), which focussed on university and high school students. This emerged from talking to young adults who had said distinctly that they were not students when I told them the organization for which I worked. So, I needed a new brand.
When I created Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment a year-and-a-half ago, my intention was to create a brand that communicated what it was, but essentially using it as a working title. Well, the working title has clearly been still in use and a transition needs to occur. Yes, the name says what it is, but it’s too much: it’s too unwieldy.

So, I’m on the search for a new name for my young adult initiative. Hopefully, by September, a new name and logo will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

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