Speaking at Moishe House about Shabbat

Speaking at OC MoHo - June 2015Asked to discuss Shabbat prohibitions at the Orange County Moishe House, I did so last week. In my capacity as the rabbi of Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment, I led a discussion with participants on what Jews are not supposed to do on Shabbat. In the discussion, I used various key texts from the Bible, as well as some from rabbinic literature. Of course, this gave way to further discussion about more contemporary issues and I look forward to discussing these matters further with them.

“Beer, Bible & Brewery” Return Visit to The Bruery Features a Tour

The Bruery - March 2015Last night, as part of the monthly “Bible, Beer, and Brew” series, we visited The Bruery in Placentia.  Having visited in the fall, this time, we had the opportunity to talk with The Bruery’s chief financial officer, Carl Katz, who led us on a tour of The Bruery.

Katz led us on a tour of The Bruery and discussed how they produce about 100 different beers every year, some of which are exclusive to their three membership clubs.  He also let us know that they plan on opening up a new tasting room later this year, featuring sour ales.

Carl Katz leading a tour at The Bruery
Carl Katz leading a tour at The Bruery

Everyone who attended greatly enjoyed it and this was definitely a special experience as part of the monthly series.  It was also the first time in the series that we have met at a brewery with someone who works at that brewery to tell us about their products.  Also, it was a special treat not only to hear from someone so high up in the brewery, but also to have a free round of incredible beers on The Bruery. Everybody came away enjoying the experience and, of course, being enamored with The Bruery’s special beer offerings.

Discussing Sukkot at the New Moishe House of Orange County
20141013_192804 - Copy
(Picture courtesy of Sarah Van Zanten)

Last week, I visited the new Moishe House of Orange County and spoke about the holiday of Sukkot with young adults.  Having spoken at the previous Moishe House of Orange County several times last year and several times the year before, it was my first time at the new location of the Moishe House, which, like the previous location, is also in Costa Mesa.

(Picture courtesy of Sarah Van Zanten)

On Tuesday, I spoke largely about the mitzvah is doing various activities within a sukkah during the holiday, what constitutes a sukkah, why we do it, and more.  I also spoke about the four arboreal species that we take, as well.

It was a great time and I look forward to returning to enrich the Jewish lives of young adults in Orange County at the Moishe House!