Passover Podcasts Published

Leading up to Passover this year, I wanted to publish four episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show, the leading podcast on drinking in Judaism, to cutely correspond to the four cups of wine at the Passover Seder. Adding to the two episodes I published last year (“Whiskey As The Catalyst For The Selling Of Chametz” and (“Demons And The Four Cups Of Wine At The Passover Seder”), I successfully published four episodes this year leading up to Passover:

There remains so much more to discuss regarding Passover and drinking, so I am looking forward to future year’s episodes!

Happy Passover 🙂

Pre-Pesach Teachings Along with Fellow Beth David Interns

Recently, the rabbi of a synagogue reached out to its former rabbinic interns for brief teachings around Passover/Pesach/פסח and some heeded the call. As a former rabbinic intern of this synagogue, Beth David Synagogue of West Hartford, CT, ​having served as the rabbinic intern in 2007-2008, I was happy to help, especially since I particularly appreciated my experience with the rabbi, Rabbi Yitzchok Adler.

Since my colleagues knew that I had some facility with video-editing, I acceded to their request to put this video together. So, after collecting the submissions from my colleagues Rabbi Yonah Berman, Rabbi Daniel Braune-Friedman, Rabbi Saul Strosberg, Rabba Claudia Marbach, and Rabbi Stephen Belsky, I packaged it together today and am happy to share this presentation of our teachings:

Visiting Chapman, CSULB, & UCI Students During Passover
With Chapman, CSULB, and UCI students during Passover
With Chapman, CSULB, and UCI students during Passover

Last week during Passover, I visited a few different campuses to hang with students during lunchtime to enjoy some matzah with them.  On Monday, I went to California State University, Long Beach to join up with Beach Hillel for their matzah gathering; on Tuesday, I went to Chapman University to join up with their Hillel; and, on Thursday, I went to University of California, Irvine to join up with their Hillel.  It was a nice opportunity to get various students together and to schmooze with them over some matzah, while celebrating Passover.

Seder-Aid Event Prepares Young Adults for Passover Seder
Seder-Aid 2015
Seder-Aid 2015

Last week, I led a conversation for young adults to go over the Passover Seder(s) in order to mentally prepare for it. Taking place in Long Beach on the Sunday prior to the holiday, I led a relaxed conversation (over beer – something we would not be enjoying during the holiday), going over the elements of the Passover Seder(s) and to get people ready for what would be taking place.