“Bourbons & Boundaries”: Discussion on Intermarriage in Classical Jewish Texts

"Bourbons & Boundaries" had a great turn-out on Sunday
“Bourbons & Boundaries” had a great turn-out on Sunday

The other night, I led an in-depth textual exploration of the prohibition of intermarriage in Judaism.  It was the fourth and final  event in a series to combine a spirits-tasting alongside a deep textual exploration of a topic in Jewish tradition in the 2013-2014 (5774) year.

One of the more salient points to emerge was that the Biblical texts have a concern about being led astray after other gods and practices if one marries out.  However, this concern then changes upon the return from the Babylonian exile.  Moreover, the classical concerns were not the same as the concern nowadays about the Jewish status of the offspring of such unions.

Bourbons: Before and After
Bourbons: Before and After

With the featured spirit being bourbon, I was glad and thankful that the turn-out was high, with over 25 people in attendance, about as many as the previously most attended event, “Scotches & Separation”.  I want to thank Farley Herzek, who sponsored two bottles, as well as Ken Schlesinger, who brought two bottles, as well as Ira Siegelman, Seth Groder, who also brought bottles.  Thank you.

Now on to considering how to move forward with this program 🙂

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