Positive COVID-19 results in the building sideline efforts at programming

After having shared that the assisted living dining room and programming had resumed for the first time in a half-year at the senior living facility where I work, the building also began outdoor visitations, which was really exciting to see happening once again. However, the other day, the building administrator published a letter to residents and their families, which opened with

I am so sorry that I have to write this update. We have two contracted employees that work full time at Cedar Village that have tested positive for COVID. Both have very limited exposure to residents. As a result of these positives, I unfortunately must suspend outdoor visitations, dining room service, and small group activities. Even though the vast majority of the residents have been vaccinated, the guidance has not changed from the Ohio Department of Health at this point. I hope and pray that this is a very short disruption in our plans for re-opening Cedar Village to all of you.

It is so frustrating to have such an occurrence happen, since 98-99% of the residents are vaccinated, yet the building still needs to adhere to these Ohio Department of Health rules.

While this suspension of activities is frustrating and deeply unfortunate for the residents, it is only for 14 days, barring, of course, any further staff turning up with positive COVID-19 results (although nearly 40% of the staff refused the vaccination against COVID-19), so at least there’s some hope that these activities can resume for the residents.

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