Memorial to Fallen Israeli Soldiers at Cedar Village [Chaplaincy Chronicles]

Having recently read in The American Israelite about a rock arriving to Cedar Village a quarter-century ago, I realized its anniversary was imminent:

Jerusalem Rock is Heart of Memorial at Cedar Village
By Brian L. Meyers, staff writer

There is a new pinnacle in the landscape of the Cincinnati Jewish community. A six-and-one-half ton chunk of Jerusalem stone now sits on the concrete foundation of American Jewish-lsraeli relations.
“The rock”, as it has affectionately been dubbed, was hoisted onto its foundation last Friday as reporters and residents of Cedar Village looked on. This was the last leg of a journey that began at a quarry outside of Jerusalem
The rock will be dedicated as a memorial to Israel’s fallen soldiers on April 30, Yom HaZikaron.
As a relic from Jerusalem, the rock is significant; however, the memorial will also be only one of its kind – the only Jerusalem stone memorial in the United States. (The Jewish Federation of Detroit has a Jerusalem stone monument, but it is not a permanent memorial on “Jewish” land.)
At Cedar Village, the memorial will become part of what is planned as a “green space” a miniature park complete with paved walkways and an oak tree estimated to be about 200 years old – for the residents and others to enjoy.

As today is not only Yom HaZikaron, it is also the 25th anniversary of its installation on the Jewish calendar (its Gregorian anniversary is still five days away), I thought that this merited remarking upon, as well as sharing, since it is part of Cedar Village (now Majestic Care of Cedar Village) that does not get a lot of attention.

The rock features a Biblical quotation around the rock on its bench-like surrounding skirt:

מנשרים קלו מאריות גברו They were swifter than eagles. They were stronger than lions. Samuel II 1:23

There are also three separate plaques flanking the rock on the ground. The plaque that speaks about what it is tells us that it was installed for the 50th anniversary of the state of Israel, which is remarkable as we are now entering the 75th anniversary of the state of Israel:

Memorial to the Fallen Israeli Soldiers
The Jewish community of Cincinnati dedicates this eight-ton Jerusalem stone on the 50th anniversary of Israel to honor the memory of the brave soldiers who gave their lives defending the Jewish state. May Israel be blessed with peace. Shalom. April 30, 1998

יד לחיילים שנתנו את חייהם
הקהילה היהודית של סינסנטי מקדישה סלע ירושלמי זה בן שמונה טונות בשנת היובל-חמישים למדינת ישראל לזכרון ולכבוד החיילים שנתנו את חייהם בהננת ישראל מי ייתן ויהי שלום. ד’ אייר תשנ”ח

Another plaque features those significantly involved in getting the rock to Cedar Village:

Jerusalem Stone donation
David Barron
Machtzevot Melet Har Touv

Gary Meisner

Hummel Industries

Daniel Perek

Israel @ 50 Co-chairs
Kim Heiman
Barbara H. Rabkin
Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman

Transportation from Israel
Standard textile company Incorporated standard textile Europe

Dugan & Meyers

TLC Landscaping

Paul Heiman

Yom HaZikaron Co-chairs
Jerry and Diana Goodman
Josh and Nili Minkove
Len and Tova Singer

The final plaque features those who financially contributed to the project:

Bartlett & Company
April and Harry Davidow
Roberta and Melvyn Fisher
Bobby Fisher and Family
Suzette and Michael Fisher
Evelyn and Marc Fisher
Allison and Edward Frankel
Rebbie and Norman Frankel
Joyce and Paul Heiman
Kim and Gary Heiman
Jenny and Mark Hyman
Florence and Murray Guttman
Arlene and Bill Katz
Mimi and Jerry Lerner
Shirlee and Gordon Margolin
Beverly and David Myers
Sember and Maxim Myers
Claire and Charles Phillips
Barbara and Morton Rabkin
Beatrice and Steve Rosedale
Deborah and Theodore Schwartz
Betty Ann and Richard Shenk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Shott
Suzanne and Jerome Teller
Jay and Barbara Wittenbaum

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