Profiled in this Month’s Issue of “Long Beach Jewish Life”

Community Profile in LBJL - July 2014It’s been a while since I’ve been profiled in a Jewish news medium, which is why I’m glad to share that I was profiled in this month’s issue of Long Beach Jewish Life (pages 6-9).

The writer, Jon Strum, kicks off his article “To date, our Meet the Rabbi series has introduced Long Beach Jewish Life readers to several of our local pulpit rabbis.” Strum continues, “This month, we are talking with Rabbi Drew Kaplan, and our profile of Rabbi Drew represents a departure from past practice – in a number of interesting ways.”Community Profile in LBJL - July 2014 - full page 8

In enumerating these ways, he points out two distinctions:

First, Rabbi Drew has no pulpit. He serves as the current rabbi and director for Southern California Jewish Student Services and Southern California Jewish Young Adult Enrichment, both initiatives of Beth El Synagogue. Through Southern California Jewish Student Services, Rabbi Drew also serves as the resident rabbi for Beach Hillel.

The second point of departure in profiling Rabbi Drew is that he was the first rabbi that I’ve met with that, following our conversation, sent me an email with links to his several blogs, along with his Instagram account, Facebook page and Twitter account.

He concludes that section with “In other words, among all of our local rabbis, Rabbi Drew is clearly the most savvy when it comes to social media, and the most connected in how he uses it. And, given the youthful demographic that he represents, that makes perfect sense.”

For more of the profile, you can click here.

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