Some Highlights from This Week’s “Rabbis Without Borders” Sessions

October 16, 2013 - Rabbis Without Borders

Need the Torah of rabbisThe past couple of days, Clal held the first session of its fifth cohort of its Rabbis Without Borders fellowship.  Having been a past participant of the fellowship, I am always interested to see what is being shared out into the public from the sessions.  Not only simply because I was a past participant, but because the ideas shared are really fascinating (okay, I really enjoy(ed) Rabbi Irwin Kula’s thoughts).  make Jews count

As is typical for the fellowship, there is a fair degree of its participants tweeting highlights of the ideas.  Having found some interesting, I am posting here those tweets that I re-tweeted (or modified re-tweeted).

convo taamei hamizvot
I hope you enjoy!


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