I currently serve as the Director of Pastoral Care at a senior living facility. Having begun working there in late May 2020 with a three-week overlap period with my predecessor, I took over as that position in mid-June 2020. For my first nearly two years, it was called Cedar Village, although upon a change in management on 11 April 2022, its name was changed to Majestic Care of Cedar Village. For my first 25 months, my position was Director of Pastoral Care, although in summer 2022, the full title became Director of Pastoral Care & Jewish Life.

I have served as Cedar Village’s “Pandemic Rabbi”, which has certainly been an interesting professional experience.

Amongst my many professional responsibilities there, I publish a weekly Shabbat Newsletter, the archive of which you can find here, which I distribute to the Jewish residents (and gentile residents who request it).

I also created a YouTube channel, which includes such features as weekly Torah portion discussions, a Jewish art series, and more, which I then use to broadcast this content to the residents for the weekends (an archive of such scheduling is available here).

I have received media coverage in The American Israelite: