Encouraging Developments Due to Lack of COVID-19 in Building [Chaplaincy Chronicles]

With most of the staff at the senior living facility where I work getting vaccinated against COVID-19, we have seen a significant improvement in our building dealing with COVID-19. So much so that our building administrator published a letter the other day in which he writes, “I am happy to report that Cedar Village has gone 20 days with no resident or staff COVID positive results. This is important because we are now considered out of outbreak status!”

That, in and of itself, is great news! And, due to that great news, he continues, “We will not have to test health care residents on a weekly basis. Also, this allows us in Health Care to re-open the dining rooms so the residents can eat outside of their rooms. We are planning on doing this next week. We will have each resident eat at their own table socially distanced from each other.”

Wonderful news for the health care residents and their staff!

He also wrote that “We are also starting to have small group activities in Health Care restart. In addition, we are also working with P.S. Salon to re-open the campus beauty salons. Finally, with the weather breaking, we are working resuming outdoor family visitations as soon as possible.” I can tell you that these things are all really great and, just as we had seen in August for the few weeks these were open, I expect morale and energy to pick up swiftly!

I can tell you that it is wonderful to see the residents’ spirits picking up due to these activities, in addition to the assisted living dining room having opened up last week.

Unfortunately, since nearly 40% of the staff refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19, if even one staff member turns up positive with the virus, then these activities have to go away again (in accordance with Ohio Department of Health regulations). So, I’m hoping that our staff stay safe from the virus.

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