The Orange County Board of Rabbis stands with the people of Jerusalem and the State of Israel at this tragic moment of sadness. The inhuman murder of innocent worshippers in a sacred place of prayer and study is an affront to all humankind. Our hearts are joined with all who are mourning and with all who pray and work for peace.

We pray for the recovery of those injured, and we feel a deep bond with those who were murdered. We remember, along with all who mourn them around the world, Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, Rabbi Aryeh Kopinsky, Rabbi Caiman Levine, and Rabbi Moshe Twersky. We recognize the heroism of SgtMajor Zidan Seif, the Israeli Druze policeman who gave his life preventing the terrorists from causing further harm. May all of their memories be a blessing, and may their families somehow find solace in this senseless moment of pain and grief.

We call upon all people of good will in Orange County to recommit themselves to the safety and security of Israel and of places of worship everywhere. May our actions lead to a more peaceful society in the United States and abroad.