Welcoming My New Boss

In my current position as a chaplain at a senior living facility, I have had the interesting situation of answering, as it were, to two separate bosses: one internal to the facility and one external to the facility. Internal to the facility, I am answerable to the building administrator. External to the facility, I was answerable for the first 4-5 months to the executive director of the Jewish Home of Cincinnati, until he took ill and was out of the picture (he sadly ended up passing away over a month ago), at which point, I began reporting directly to the lay leaders on the board of directors.

However, I was delighted to hear Monday evening that his successor had already begun her first day on the job. And just yesterday, according to a press release, “Jewish Home of Cincinnati, Inc. (JHC) has selected Nina Perlove to serve as its first executive director in their newly-transformed organization as a grant-funder.” Further according to the press release, “Perlove will lead the foundation and her number one priority is to ensure that the foundation’s mission – support greater Cincinnati Jewish seniors by investing in innovative services and programs – is fulfilled through robust and aligned partnerships with greater Cincinnati nonprofits who serve older Jewish adults.”

I am very much looking forward to meeting (whether in real-life or even via Zoom) my new boss, as I am excited to have this fresh surge of energy in our efforts.

The press release quotes her as articulating that she is “looking forward to partnering with many senior service providers to identify and invest in innovative programs that will allow Jewish seniors in our region to live connected, fulfilling lives with dignity, and to enrich the well-being of the elderly through this important mitzvah.”
Of additional interest included within the boiler plate area of the press release is a snippet regarding the “newly-transformed organization as a grant-funder”:

Innovative services, programs, and projects for Jewish seniors in the Cincinnati region will be considered for funding. Specifically, JHC will invest in COVID-19 relief, partnerships/collaborations, innovative start-ups, basic human and mental health needs, and safe delivery of services. Letters of inquiry and grant applications will be accepted twice a year and there will be a 12-month period between awards.

This should be an interesting and exciting new development in my work serving in my current capacity.

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