Finally Seeing the Emotional Toll of Lockdowns During COVID-19 on Seniors

Having been in my current job for four months now, I have finally begun to see for myself the effects that the lockdowns at the senior living facility where I work have been taking upon the residents.

While I had heard from others in the building when I had first started that the social isolation had caused people to deteriorate more quickly than they previously had been, I just their word for it. However, now it’s something that I am actually seeing for myself.

Sure, keeping residents safe from COVID-19 is a laudable objective, yet keeping them cooped up is not only causing physical deterioration and mental deterioration, but emotional deterioration, as well; and that might be the hardest of the three to witness. My heart breaks for them and their loved ones in these tough times of COVID-19.

I hope the federal and state health authorities can adjust their regulations going forward, because I don’t think this is going away anytime soon.

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