Empathy for Those Less Technologically Adept, Especially for the Silent Generation

During this strange time of Coronavirus before a vaccine is developed, we are expected to stay in place, at home as much as possible. For those who are older, especially for those in senior living facilities, this time can be especially trying, since much of what keeps the rest of us in-touch with each other, whether social media, Zoom calls, or more are something that various generations – whether Gen X, Millenials, Gen Z, or even Baby Boomers – are able to use, yet those in the Silent Generation are either less technologically adept and/or not in possession of such technologies.

It can certainly be tough for some of these people, as they are not able to be connected with their loved ones or the world around them through the use of these technologies, as younger generations are. I feel sympathy for those who are confined to their rooms and have only books or television to entertain them or otherwise provide a portal to the outside world. Although they may have phones, that may be it. Yes, some of them may have hobbies, including artistic endeavors, but not all of them.

The lack of in-person social activities is a serious challenge not only to the social and emotional health of those in such demographics, but also the intellectual and even physical health of them. It is certainly a trying time for everyone, but I feel great sympathy for those in the Silent Generation at this time.

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